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MOSS - Bid Manager IP COM réseaux

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o Cabin
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* Corporate Jets
* Freighter
+ Freighter
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+ A330P2F
+ Beluga
* Previous Generation Aircraft
+ Previous Generation Aircraft
+ A300-600
o A300-600
o A300-600F
+ A310
+ A340 Family
o A340 Family
o A340-200
o A340-300
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* Customer Services
+ Customer Services
+ Skywise
+ Maintenance Engineering
+ Upgrade Services
o Upgrade Services
o Cabin upgrade services
o System airframe upgrades
o Airbus interiors services
+ Flight Operations
+ Training Services
o Training Services
o Training centres network
# Training centres network
# Airbus training centre Europe Toulouse
# Airbus maintenance training centre Europe Hamburg
# Airbus training Miami
# Airbus training India
# Hua-Ou aviation training centre Beijing
# Airbus Asia training centre
# Airbus training Mexico
# Airbus training centre Denver
+ Airport Operations and technical data
o Airport Operations and technical data
o Aircraft characteristics
o Aircraft rescue firefighting charts
o Pavement publications
o Autocad 3D view aircraft drawings
o General information
o General data release agreement for MRO
+ Publications
* Market
+ Market
+ Orders and deliveries
+ Global Market Forecast 2019-2038
+ Asset management
* How is an aircraft built
+ How is an aircraft built
+ Design offices and engineering centres
+ Production
+ Transport of major aircraft sections
+ FAL and tests
+ Test programme and certification
+ Delivering to the customer
* See all aircraft news

* Helicopters
* Civil Helicopters
+ Civil Helicopters
+ Intermediate single
o Intermediate single
o H125
o H130
+ Light twin
o Light twin
o H135
o H145
+ Medium
o Medium
o AS365 N3+
o H155
o H160
+ Super medium
o Super medium
o H175
+ Heavy
o Heavy
o H215
o H225
+ Corporate Helicopters
* Military Helicopters
+ Military Helicopters
+ Light
o Light
o H125M
o H145M
+ Medium
o Medium
o AS565 MBe
o HIL H160M
+ Heavy
o Heavy
o H215M
o H225M
+ Specialised
o Specialised
o Tiger
o NH90
+ HForce
* Corporate Helicopters
+ VSR700
+ DeckFinder
* Pre-owned helicopters
* HCare services
+ HCare services
+ About HCare
+ Material management
+ Technical support
+ Helicopter maintenance
+ Connected Services
o Connected Services
o Fleet keeper
+ Military support centres
+ Keycopter
+ Airbus Helicopters International Services
+ Our Global Network
+ Training and flight ops
o Training and flight ops
o Airbus Helicopters Training Services France (Marignane)
o Airbus Helicopters Training Academy (Singapore)
o Airbus Helicopters Training Academy (Malaysia)
o Airbus Helicopters Training Academy Germany (Donauworth)
* Civil missions
+ Civil missions
+ Oil and gas
+ Public services
+ Commercial air transport
+ Aerial work
+ Private and business aviation
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+ Military missions
+ Armed scout
+ Attack
+ Utility
+ Naval
+ Maritime
+ Special operations
* Safety
+ Safety
+ Safety media & e-learnings
* Global presence
* SmartForce

* Defence
* A400M
+ A400M
+ Production of the 100th Airbus A400M
* A330 MRTT
* Eurofighter
* C295
+ C295
+ C295 FWSAR
+ Zephyr
+ DeckFinder
* Services
+ Services
+ Customer & system support
+ Material, maintenance and global upgrades
+ Performance based in services
+ Training & flight operations
+ SmartForce
+ Network for the Sky
* Security solutions
+ Security solutions
+ Styris®
+ BorderCore
* Secure Communications
* Actionable intelligence
* CyberSecurity
* Secure Land Communications

* Space
* Earth Observation
+ Earth Observation
+ Our satellite portfolio
o Our satellite portfolio
o Capacity building
+ European mission / Copernicus
+ PerúSAT
+ VNREDSat-1
+ Meteorology satellites
+ Intelligence
+ Airbus Aerial
+ ESA preferred partner
o ESA preferred partner
o Taking meteorological observation to a new level with Aeolus
* Telecommunications
+ Telecommunications
+ Flexible payloads
+ Eurostar series
+ Electric Propulsion Satellites
+ OneWeb satellites
+ SpaceDataHighway
+ OneSat
* Space Infrastructures
+ Space Infrastructures
+ Bartolomeo
o Bartolomeo
o Bartolomeo request form
+ Orion ESM
+ RemoveDEBRIS
* Launchers
+ Launchers
+ Ariane 5
+ Ariane 6
* Satellite navigation
* Space exploration
+ Space exploration
+ BepiColombo
+ ExoMars
+ LISA Pathfinder
+ Mars Express
+ Space surveyor Gaia: the story continues
+ Solar Orbiter
+ SurRender Software
+ Vision Based Navigation (VBN)
* Spacecraft Equipment
* Services
+ Services
+ Test Services
+ On-Orbit-Services
+ Training Services

* Innovation
* Airbus Urban Mobility
+ Airbus Urban Mobility
+ Mission and team
+ Vehicle demonstrators
o Vehicle demonstrators
o Vahana
o CityAirbus
+ Airbus UTM
+ Infrastructure
+ City integration
+ Voom
* Future technology
+ Future technology
+ Electric flight
o Electric flight
o E-Fan X
+ Connectivity
+ Advanced analytics
+ Artificial intelligence
+ Autonomy
+ Quantum technologies
* Open innovation
+ Open innovation
+ Acubed
+ Airbus China Innovation Centre
+ Airbus BizLab
+ Airbus Ventures
+ Airbus UpNext
+ Airbus Cyber Innovation
+ Open Innovation Programme
* Tech challenges & competitions
+ Tech challenges & competitions
+ Fly Your Ideas competition
+ Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge
+ AIGym
+ Air Race E
* Innovation news

* Company
* We are Airbus
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+ Our Brand
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* Corporate Governance
+ Corporate Governance
+ Board and Board Committees
+ Executive and Operational Committees
+ Shareholders' Meetings
+ Enterprise Risk Management
+ Governance Framework and Documents
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+ Sustainability
+ Environment
o Environment
o Decarbonisation
o Product responsibility
o Sustainable supply chain
o Future aircraft
+ Health and Safety
+ Human rights
+ Corporate citizenship
o Corporate citizenship
o UN Sustainable Development Goals
o Community engagement
o Education
+ Airbus Foundation
o Airbus Foundation
o Mission and Governance
o Youth development initiatives
# Youth development initiatives
# Overview
# Europe
# Americas
# Asia
# Africa and Middle East
o Partnering with the humanitarian community
o Airbus Foundation Discovery Space
# Airbus Foundation Discovery Space
# Overview
# About Discovery Space
# Science of Flight
# Mission to the moon
# Moon Camp Challenge
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o Reporting and performance data
o Our approach to sustainability reporting
o GRI performance data
o Document centre
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+ Ethics and compliance
+ Compliance at Airbus
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MOSS - Bid Manager IP COM réseaux (H/F)

Posting date 05 Feb 2020
Division Airbus
Location Paris Area, France
External code JR10025425
Job family Sales, Marketing & Commercial Contracts
Contract type Permanent Contract
Experience level Professional
Working Time Full time

MOSS - Bid Manager IP COM réseaux (H/F)





Airbus is a global leader in aeronautics, space and related services. In 2018 it generated revenues of € 64 billion and employed a workforce of around 134,000. Airbus offers the most comprehensive range of passenger airliners. Airbus is also a European leader providing tanker, combat, transport and mission aircraft, as well as one of the world's leading space companies. In helicopters, Airbus provides the most efficient civil and military rotorcraft solutions worldwide.

Our people work with passion and determination to make the world a more connected, safer and smarter place. Taking pride in our work, we draw on each other's expertise and experience to achieve excellence. Our diversity and teamwork culture propel us to accomplish the extraordinary - on the ground, in the sky and in space.

Job Description


La Société MOSS, joint-venture entre AIRBUS et THALES, est une société d'ingénierie systèmes de 80 personnes créée en 2002. Elle est Architecte Système-de-Système SCCOA (Système de Commandement et de Conduite des Opérations Aériennes) et Architecte métier C2 Aéro sur le système SIA (Système d'information des Armées), au profit de la DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement).

MOSS est responsable depuis plusieurs années, au profit de la DGA et dans le cadre de programmes de systèmes d'informations opérationnels et de commandement (SIOC), de travaux de conception et de réalisation de ces systèmes.

Dans ce contexte, MOSS a été notifié fin 2019, d'un accord cadre ayant notamment pour objet la « Maîtrise d'oeuvre dans le cadre de la transition IP du SCCOA » et du premier marché subséquent, concernant la phase 1 de la transition IP du SCCOA.

Le poste est basé à lssy-les-Moulineaux et rapporte hiérarchiquement à l'entité Avant-projets.

Missions du poste

Votre mission en tant que Bid Manager consiste à prendre en charge plus particulièrement les offres relatives à la transition IP du SCCOA :
* rélisation de la partie technique des offres ;
* cohérence de la solution avec le besoin opérationnel et les architectures Communications-Réseaux (COM-RZO) ;
* établissement du devis (estimation du coût interne) et des risques associés.

Pour une offre donnée, vous assurerez :
* le rôle d'interlocuteur technique avec le client pour suivre les évolutions de besoins, déterminer en commun le périmètre de chaque offre et préciser les hypothèses associées ;
* la relation technique avec les industriels éventuels associés/consultés, ainsi qu'un support ultérieur à l'élaboration des documents techniques contractuels avec ces industriels (Enoncés des travaux, CCTP) ;
* l'élaboration de la proposition technique ainsi que du devis associé ;
* la participation aux néociations avec le client.


De formation, Ecole d'ingénieurs ou équivalent, vous avez une expérience de plusieurs années en élaboration d'offres et/ou réalisation d'études, la connaissance du SCCOA, du domaine COM-RZO et IP, des problématiques de déploiement des SIOC.

Vous avez une bonne capacité d'écoute, un bon relationnel aussi bien en interne qu'en externe MOSS, capacité de rédaction et de synthèse, rigueur, notamment pour les aspects devis, capacité à appliquer des démarches top-down aussi bien que bottom-up, réactivité.

L'environnement du poste nécessite une capacité à travailler avec de multiples interlocuteurs :
* les clients, essentiellement managers et architectes de la DGA et aussi des représentants des forces ;
* les industriels ;
* les collaborateurs MOSS susceptibles d'être associés aux offres et soutien à l'élaboration de CCTP.

Le poste est évalué Position IIIA et est à pourvoir dès février 2020.

Vous souhaitez intégrer une petite structure réactive, au plus proche du client, tout en gardant la proximité avec de grands groupes de Défense afin de pouvoir évoluer ? Rejoignez-nous !

Habilitations : CD / OTAN

This job requires an awareness of any potential compliance risks and a commitment to act with integrity, as the foundation for the Company's success, reputation and sustainable growth.

By submitting your CV or application you are consenting to Airbus using and storing information about you for monitoring purposes relating to your application or future employment. This information will only be used by Airbus.
Airbus is committed to achieving workforce diversity and creating an inclusive working environment. We welcome all applications irrespective of social and cultural background, age, gender, disability, sexual orientation or religious belief.

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MOSS - Bid Manager IP COM réseaux

Airbus, Paris
Contract Type: 
Permanent contract
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