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Industrialization Technician Decoration and Assembly Division

About Albea & the Product line that is recruiting

Albéa is a global leader in beauty, personal care, oral care, pharmaceutical and food packaging. And our site, Albéa Simandre is our Center of Excellence for Skin Care Cosmetic Packaging Products and Metallization.


  • Based on Simandre plant
  • Main activities

  • Under the authority of the Industrialization Manager, he is responsible for the development of the decoration/assembly processes.
  • It primarily ensures the development of tools (machine and tooling of new products developed) and improvements on series life.
  • Participate in the setting of quotes (consultation with suppliers) and define the processes for the decoration and assembly trades.
  • Make the specifications machine for the purchase or creation in-house in compliance with production standards (safety of people, equipment, quality and cadence).
  • Follows the development of purchased and valid machines.
  • Consult suppliers (define training needs on new equipment and validate technical offers).
  • Make or have plans implemented using the necessary tools according to the techniques used (consulting and requesting purchase requests).
  • Prepare and archive customer documents under Adobe Illustrator to have the tools used (Good to burn) realized.
  • For Industrialization Planning:
  • Add each new equipment and inform the operations to be carried out.
  • Check the needs/resources adequacy and adjust accordingly.
  • Ensure that operations are initiated and completed on time.
  • To update on a weekly weekly the state of advance in its current actions by correcting the drifts.
  • Manage projects from the beginning to the end of the launch quantity including the PDCA (Product/Process/Equipment/Production Improvement)
  • Ensure the implementation and compliance of standards in the development of new projects (decoration workshop equipment (hot marking, tampography, screen printing, assembly), in line with the needs of the site.
  • Focus on the rapid change of tools on machines.
  • Intervene directly on the tools to modify themaf in that they are operational (adjusting, focusing, polishing, etc. ...)
  • Accountability including KPIs

  • Make sure the machine and molds work properly to provide daily performance.
  • Make sure the quality of the products meets the requirements.
  • The KPI Scrap and REE met daily.
  • Make our changes in a timely manner when the plan requires it
  • Profile (Qualification and Experience)

  • BAC-2 Technique with 5 to 10 years experience in the development of decoration/assembly of cosmetic parts and their automated processes
  • Expert in hot-marking processes, seigraphie, tampography and assembly
  • Ideally, good knowledge of the equipment associated with implementing forparts storage and handling operations
  • Know how to draw, read and interpret a plan (piece and machine implantation)Knowing howto adjust the various tools
  • Know how to use logiciel ADOBE Illustrator and AUTOCAD
  • Leadership Skills

  • Win as One Team -Breaks silos. Actively supports and contributes to the success of other departments
  • Engage & Act - Manages priorities, Acts at the right time and decisively. 
  • Achieve Goals - Honors commitments. Finishes what s/he has started. Ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Publication date 27 May 2021

    Industrialization Technician Decoration and Assembly Division

    Albéa, Simandre
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