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Consulting Systems Engineer

Fortinet are looking for people to join the Consulting Systems Engineering (CSE) FortiGate team here in Sophia Antipolis, France. We need you if you have a deep knowledge and enjoyment of networking and security technologies, but can also communicate and share that enjoyment with others.

It is preferable if you are based in commuting distance of the Sophia Antipolis office or are prepared to relocate to the Nice area - Cote d'Azur

Your current role may be Pre-sales, Post-sales or R&D - we don't care. What counts are your technical abilities and your ability to share them with others.

The role we need to fill is a Consulting Systems Engineer. So what does a CSE in the FortiGate Team actually do?

  • Sales staff in the field involve us to help them with the most challenging and demanding projects.
  • We give design, architectural and technical advice and insight.
  • We carry out lab testing of solutions, often optimizing for performance or to meet pre-defined performance goals.
  •  How do we test the solutions?

  • "Hands On" in our superbly equipped lab in Sophia Antipolis, France.
  • Market-leading traffic generators and security testing tools.
  • Equipment from third-party vendors for integration work .
  • The results of these activities (which may be days or sometimes weeks of effort) then need to be delivered, often to senior technical people within a customer organisation. So how do we deliver results?

  • Written documents - long test reports or short technical summaries, depending what is required.
  • Face to face meetings.
  • Remotely hosted meetings over the Internet.
  • While lab testing and delivering the results is still the key element of our work, we also find ourselves:

  • Giving general technical assistance to the Sales Teams.
  • Helping out with a field-based remote Proof of Concept (POC) activity.
  • Running and delivery locally-based POCs.
  • Providing input to RFP responses.
  • Writing New Feature Requests and having Engineering implement them.
  • Delivering technical seminars and training to both internal and external participants.
  • Provide design expertise and assistance to the field.
  • The role of CSE is wide-ranging. It is a very technical job - a great mix of networking, security but also human interaction!

    Skills required

  • Top networking knowledge is necessary. Detailed knowledge is mandatory.
  • So good, solid network skills are necessary. For example:
  • IPv4, IPv6, TCP, UDP
  • L2 switching
  • Routing protocols (OSPF, BGP, etc.)
  •  VPN and related: IPsec, SSL/TLS
  • Those would be a typical set of abilities - if you have more, so much the better. E.g. VMs, proxies, authentication, etc.

    Security skills:

    If you have them, that is very valuable to us. They might include:

  • IPS
  • Anti-virus
  • Web filtering
  • Application control
  • SSL/TLS "Deep Inspection"
  • Product skills? Well, obviously, FortiGate knowledge is a huge plus, but we are flexible on that for the right candidate. Knowledge of competitors' products obviously also a plus.

    Motivation and ability to work independently day to day (but rest assured we are a great team of people and also work together and help each other all the time!)

    In the pre-Sales process, we are a point of technical excellence and need to be able to communicate back into the field with our results and advice. So experience in:

  • Presentation
  • Technical writing
  • These are a big plus, but, most of all, you need a real enthusiasm and desire to pass knowledge and information to others.

    Interested? Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information

    Consulting Systems Engineer

    Fortinet, Sophia Antipolis
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